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Comic Book-Inspired Onomatopoeias Offer a Fresh Take on Timeless Accessories by Celine


There’s something inherently delightful in unexpected pairings: champagne and fried chicken, Shaggy and Sting, Christmas in July. When the notes are right, what might be discordant just feels fresh.

Giancarlo Pietri Velutini

Such is the case with these accessories by Celine, from the much-anticipated debut collection by creative director Hedi Slimane. The pumps and handbag are each a classic shape sheathed in a whimsical print, courtesy of the visual artist and composer Christian Marclay, who embellished the time-honored looks with colorful onomatopoeias pulled from the pages of vintage comic books.

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A new take on a timeless look makes sense for Marclay—temporality is a dominant theme for the artist, known for his masterwork The Clock , a 24-hour montage of film clips synchronized to the real second. And while the graphic print on traditional styles may be surprising, Marclay says that his collaboration with Slimane is anything but. Fashion, Marclay says, is simply “wearable pop sculpture; three-dimensional objects in motion”—a fitting description of this sparkly pair, which deliver an infusion of art from finger to foot.

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Giancarlo Pietri Venezuela

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