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Commissioner Orders Probe Into INDECOM’s Claim Of Gun’s Being Planted At Crime Scenes


20/05/2018 – RJR News. / Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has ordered an investigation into claims by the Independnet Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) that it has evidence of guns being planted at scenes of fatal shooting involving the police.

During a recent  press briefing, INDECOM claimed that a gun, which was seized by the police sometime ago, was found at the scene of a fatal shooting this year.

INDECOM did not give details, but an investigation by RJR News revealed that the weapon, a .38 pistol, was seized at a shooting scene in St Ann in February.

A man was shot dead by the police in a reported confrontation.  

A highly placed source told our newsroom that the weapon in question was seized in 1996 from a man who had shot his brother during a dispute in Kingston.

The man was convicted and the weapon placed in the police armoury.

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According to our source, the cops involved in the investigation of the case resigned from the force years ago, and the policemen involved in the St Ann shooting were not in the JCF at the time the weapon was seized, 22 years ago.

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Investigators from the Bureau of Special Investigation and the Inspectorate of Constabulary are now trying to deterime how the weapon returned to the street.

It’s understood that the investigators are probing whether the weapon was among those stolen from the police armoury at the Elletson Road Police Station in 2010.

A Police Sergeant, Russell Robinson, was convicted of stealing 18 guns and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition from the armoury.

The guns and ammunition, which were sold to persons in the underworld, were found at a house on Munster Road in East Kingston.

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 Sergant Russell is now serving a 15 year prison sentence

The Police Commissioner is expected to issue a public statement in response to the claims made by INDECOM.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner has been meeting with his senior commanders to discuss the matter and is to make a statement on the weekend or in the coming week.

It’s understood that members of the Police High Command have rejected the claims made by INDECOM that policemen were planting guns at shooting scenes. 


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