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This Miami-based company, headed by Humberto José Ramirez Urdaneta, is moving fast in the construction of luxury properties to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The luxury house development company in Southern Florida, HR Developers, keeps on growing. Its CEO, Humberto Ramirez Urdaneta, says that “we are currently working on 5 projects simultaneously in Southern Florida, 3 of them at Coconut Grove and 2 others at North Miami Beach, which add up to US$28 MM on sales”. There are two townhouses being built in Coconut Grove, each one of 2100 SF, 4 rooms, and 3 bathrooms. The other property is located at Lincoln Avenue, and it has around 4300 SF, 6 rooms, and 6 bathrooms. In North Miami there are building two houses, each one with 5300 SF, 6 rooms and 6 bathrooms, out of which 80 feet are waterfront. Each one of the properties has the HR seal. Humberto Ramirez Urdaneta says “this means luxury construction and furnishings, vanguard design, perfect integration with nature, environmentally friendly, and highly technological. These are excellent options for those who seek luxury properties”. The costs of the houses reach around US$4,5 MM.


These properties will be added to 247 Palm Avenue, currently for sale for US$ 3,295,000. Humberto Ramirez Urdaneta has developed luxury houses at Normandy Island, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove and Miami Beach. Recently, HR Developers developed and sold a property in Palm Island for US$ 3.4MM.

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