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We need a CEO, not a politician

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I recently heard your speech about the economic challenges ahead and the pending cuts to Government expenditure.

While I do agree cuts are needed in some areas to eliminate wasteful spending, your default position shouldn’t automatically be the elimination of jobs and cutting essential Government services that often hurt the most vulnerable in our society.

As such, I have two worthwhile suggestions for your consideration. 1. Look at opportunities for synergies, and lack of performance: I have completed massive amounts of research about the Trinidad and Tobago economy for the purpose of completing a Master’s degree at Harvard.

I discovered between 2012 and 2016, national security and health care together accounted for on average approximately 20 per cent of the national budget.

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Are we getting the desired results, given the money spent?

Perhaps some external analysis from a reputable consulting agency can do an assessment to better understand where cost savings exist without a reduction in the quality of the services provided, instead of blanket expenditure cut.

Essentially, let’s spend our limited resources in a smart and efficient manner.

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2. Think about the future, not only the present: in 1961, prior to our Independence, Singapore and Trinidad and Tobago had very similar economic output numbers.

However, after 1985, that changed when Singapore embraced a host of strategic development ideas.

Today, Singapore now ranks third on the World Economic Forum competitiveness index, has consistent economic growth and continues to attract high levels of investment.

Looking at similar models and successful strategic economic initiatives can begin to grant your administration more clarity about the types of policies and action plans that are successful and can be implemented.

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I urge you think like a CEO rather than a politician. Politicians think about an electoral cycle, but CEOs think about the long-term health, performance and sustainability, of their organisation regardless of whether they will be at the helm or not.

What we need most in this moment is vision, creativity, leadership and steadfast judgment—not taking the easy or most expedient way out! Sherwyn Wilson Arima


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