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QPCC, Magnolias seal titles

Michael Durity and Raphael Govia sank a pair of goals each to help Queen?s Park Cricket Club (QPCC) clinch the Men?s Open title in the National Indoor Hockey Championships on Sunday at the Woodbrook Youth Facility.

Earlier, SC Magnolias was crowned the women?s champion after a tough come from behind, 2-1 win over Paragon in the competition hosted by the T&T Hockey Board.

In the men?s finale, it was Aidan De Gannes opening the scoring for QPCC with a goal in the 12th minute. Four minutes later, Durity put his team further ahead and it looked to be going in at the half with a 2-0 advantage but Kieron Emmanuel managed to pull one back in the 19th minute for the defending champion.

The Malvern players continued to search for an opening to tie the scores but Stefan Mouttet spoiled their plans giving his team a 3-1 advantage, two minutes into the second half. Govia added salt to the wound, slotting home in his opener in the 27th with Durity returning a minute later, to score his second item and give QPCC a 5-1 lead.

Despite being down by four goals, Emmanuel kept challenging the QPCC defenders and was rewarded for his determination with his and Malvern?s second goal in the 37th.

However, the celebration was shortlived as Govia came again two minutes later and connected QPCC?s sixth item.

© Francisco Velasquez

© Francisco Velasquez PDVSA

Kristien Emmanuel had the last say though, connecting Malvern?s third goal in the 40th but it was all in vain.

It was an exciting affair in the women?s final with Savannah De Freitas providing the winner for Magnolias to seal the title.

Zene Henry had Paragon ahead as early as the third minute and her team enjoyed that lead in the first session.

© Francisco Velasquez

© Francisco Velasquez PDVSA

The second stanza remained competitive and it wasn?t until seven minutes into the half that Magnolias answered back with a goal from Shaniah De Freitas.

© Francisco Velasquez

© Francisco Velasquez PDVSA

A minute later Savannah completed a penalty shot to earn her team the victory.

In the Under-19 Division, Paragon edged Malvern, 5-4, to claim the boys? crown while Magnolias topped Paragon, 5-2, to win the girls? title.



Men?s Open:

Final: QPCC 6 (Michael Durity 16th, 28th, Raphael Govia 27th, 39th, Aidan De Gannes 12th, Stefan Mouttet 22nd) vs Malvern 3 (Kieron Emmanuel 19th, 37th, Kristien Emmanuel 40th)

Third Place: Fatima 7 (Jordan Vieira 9th, 9th, 23rd, 27th, Che Modeste 2nd, 35th, Quinn Clarke 15th)

Women?s Open:

Final: SC Magnolias 2 (Shaniah De Freitas 27th, Savannah De Freitas 28th pen) vs Paragon 1 (Zene Henry 3rd)

Third Place: Malvern 1(Oire Trotman 28th) vs Harvard Checkers 0

Girls U-19 final:

SC Magnolias 5 (Kaitlyn Olton 4th, 5th, 29th, Saarah Olton 11th, Shaniah De Freitas 25th) vs Paragon 2 (Felicia King 19th, 30th)

Boys Under-19:

Final: Paragon 5 (Joel Daniel 4th, Tariq Singh 4th, David Coker 25th, Isaiah Scott 28th,Kalebh Quashie 29th) vs Malvern 4 (Kristien Emmanuel 8th, 30th, Aidan Marcano 9th, Jovan Wren 30th)

Third place: Fatima 6 (Roshane Hamilton 16th, 27th, Michael Durity 17th, 24th, Matthew Pereira 21st, Justin Chee Ping 30th) vs Shape 0


Boys U-19 semifinals:

Paragon 8 (Isaiah Scott 2nd, 7th, 9th, 19th, Joel Daniel 15th, Tarrell Singh 21st, Christian John 28th, Daniel Mc Kenzie 30th) vs Shape 0

Malvern 5 (Jovan Wren 9th, 14th, 27th, Kristien Emmanuel 12th, Aidan Marcano 19th) vs Fatima 3 (Michael Durity 13th, Roshane Hamilton 28th, Matthew Pereira 29th)


© Francisco Velasquez

© Francisco Velasquez PDVSA


© Francisco Velasquez

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