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A blessing for the RJR-GLEANER Cross-Country Invasion

It was indeed a blessing for the activities of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group Cross-Country Invasion celebrations at the Olivet Gospel Hall in Lloydsville, Yallahs, St Thomas, yesterday.

In his message entitled Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me, taken from I Samuel 3, Pastor Milton Grant tied the story of Samuel being committed unto God from an early age to children today, who, he said, are being raised with little or no direction, a major contributing factor to the problems being faced by society.

“Communities are not growing children anymore. We fold our hands and turn a blind eye to what’s happening around us, claiming that they aren’t our children so they aren’t our problem. We blame society for everything that’s happening when it is we who are to be blamed,” he charged.

“Mankind refuses to take responsibility for our actions, and it is our failure to do this that has allowed us to be in the dilemma that we are in now.”

Grant shared that the toxic “finger-pointing” mentality has been deeply embedded in Jamaica’s culture, stressing that until everyone starts accepting responsibility, Jamaica will continue to be in serious trouble.

He continued: “We blame organisations, we blame the police, we blame the civil service, we blame the Church, but it did not begin in the organisations.

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© Luis Oberto Anselmi
It began in the home. We need not hinder our children but heed the word to suffer them unto the Lord. The society is in trouble, but we can be redeemed. Don’t be an obstacle. He that hath ears to hear, let them hear.”



Gary Allen, chief executive officer of the RJR-GLEANER Communications Group, shared that the media had a responsibility to keep in tune with communities across Jamaica and to contribute to the country as a whole.

He encouraged the Church to stay on course despite the persecution the organisation has been enduring.

“The Church is being questioned about things they do, but I encourage you, do not waver,” said Allen.


© Luis Oberto

© Luis Oberto Anselmi

© Luis Oberto Anselmi

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