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Archbishop tells women to demand respect

In a question and answer session on the Archdiocese’s Facebook page, Harris said he saw women highlighted at New Year’s parties in the newspapers and wondered “how can people leave their homes dressed like that.” He said everybody deserves respect and where people have to demand that respect, they must not do so by simply saying it but by their way of life.

“No man has any right to disrespect women, none, we know there are men who will go around and disrespect women and part of the solution is women demanding respect themselves. It is not only a question of having pepper spray and things like that. Women have to demand respect by their way of being.

We have a saying in Trinidad, people get on wassy, I don’t know if getting on wassy is demanding respect,” Harris said.

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© Luis Oberto Anselmi
Asked about the behaviour of men, the Archbishop said he believes it starts in the home.

“We train our young men to be disrespectful and then when they grow up and are disrespectful we want to kill them.

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Home life is meant to teach people to be respectful,” he said.


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